Norwich’s Vintage Market

Having lived in Norwich for almost a year and a half now, it is understandable that I might start to feel as though I have sampled everything the city has to offer which might be of interest to me. However, I am pleased to say that whenever I feel this way I almost invariably stumble across something new.

My most recent discovery is the Vintage Market. Tucked away as it is, with only a small door around the side of the large Iceland supermarket, I have been walking past it almost every day since I moved into my house last September and barely given it a thought.

Recently however, I was persuaded by a housemate that despite its unpromising frontage it was worth taking a peek inside.

And they were more than right.


Whilst I am not currently in the market for new clothes, the Vintage Market has everything you could hope for. From casual jackets to formal dresses to this… thing…


Whilst I haven’t tried it myself, I have also been informed that the attached café is wonderful so I shall make a point of trying that out at some point.

That’s about all for this week – it’s hard to find time to explore this wonderful city when you’re also reading a Shakespeare play, an Austen novel, and a large collection of Romantic poetry weekly. But as and when I find new delights I shall of course share them on here.