Radio 1’s Big Weekend – Norwich

Last weekend a minor festival happened in Norwich, nothing too special, a couple of sort of well-known acts…



And because I have lucky and generous friends I was able to go to the second day of Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

We were generally fortunate with the weather – it did rain for a bit and standing under a tree whilst rain water dropped into your cider wasn’t a high point of the day, but in general it went well.

Over the course of the weekend people like Taylor Swift, Snoop Dogg, and Muse, all graced the stage with their presence, making it the most exciting thing to happen in Norwich since Kett’s rebellion (1549). It’s probably also the most media attention that Norwich has ever received.

Rain aside, the day was a success and I’m really grateful that I got to go. I hadn’t been to any sort of festival before so it was a nice introduction – although I don’t see myself going to Glastonbury any time soon.

I thought Olly Murs and Imagine Dragons’ sets were very good and seemed to get the crowd dancing, but the general feeling was that Taylor Swift was who everyone was waiting for *possibly controversial statement* (so it was kind of a shame she wasn’t the headline act).


Following on from the success of her most recent music video, Swift enchanted the crowd with a short but dazzling (literally if you check out her dress) set, including well-chosen crowd pleasers such as, ‘Shake it Off’.

Even though the weekend’s over, UEA need not feel down in the dumps as this coming Saturday is the date for that strangest of UEA traditions, ‘Pimp My Barrow’… more on that next week.

Academically speaking I am finished for the year and free to enjoy all these wonderful events, but I am aware that I am in a particularly lucky position – walking past the library I can see everyone hurriedly revising. (Best of luck to anyone still doing exams!)

I’ve started to make arrangements to go home for the summer but it’s still not really sunk in that I’m a third of the way through my degree now…. I’m sure it will catch up with me soon.

Look out next week for pictures of the infamous ‘Pimp My Barrow’ costumes.

‘Til then.

Part of UEA's yarn bombing....

Part of UEA’s yarn bombing….