Student Night at Norwich Cathedral

At first glance you may now be thinking that the rumours about Norwich’s nightlife are true and that the students of this fine city are so deprived of club nights that they are reduced to partying in the cathedral…

Well, not quite.

With looming deadlines nights out have become a bit of a rarity for me, but a chance to wander around the cathedral at dusk (for free! – a student’s favourite two words) was too good to miss.

As you may or may not be aware, Norwich is home to a very fine Romanesque cathedral. Although it’s at the heart of the city it’s not an obvious destination for students unless they happen to be historians, and so sadly many students will go their entire time at UEA without enjoying one of the city’s architectural treasures – it’s almost on a par with the ziggurats.


One of the UEA windows in the cathedral

To help remedy this issue the Dean of the cathedral opened their doors to the city’s students for a night, giving us the chance to explore the amazing building before moving to the refectory for wine and nibbles (and a rather wonderful jazz band).

It was a lovely evening, although unfortunately as my friends and I arrived a little late we didn’t have long to explore before we were ushered on to the nibbles and music part of the evening.


The turnout was high which was probably due in part to the offer of a free glass of wine but it also proves that students are interested in getting to know their city better. I’m all for any event which helps people connect with the fascinating past of this city and look forward to any further events the cathedral may put on.



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