A Flying Visit to Norwich

I can barely believe it but it would appear that summer is beginning to draw to a close. This of course means that the new academic year is gearing up to kick off in September, bringing with it all the usual anxieties and excitements, but the biggest change this term (for second years like me) will be moving into our new homes.


Considering we found the place over eight months ago it’s a relief to finally be moving in. I won’t be living there full time until September, but this past week I popped up to visit one of my new housemates and show my sister around the fine city of Norwich.

Having been home for the past few weeks, in my own small cathedral city, I’m even more aware of how great a place Norwich is (Not to dis’ Salisbury, but it lacks the cute independent shops and cafes of Norwich). I dragged my sister around some of the places I frequented during first year, but also discovered the Cathedral quarter, an area I hadn’t really explored before. It’s nice to know that there’s still so much more to see and do, especially as I now live within walking distance of the centre of town.

The discovery of another secondhand book stall is always a cause for excitement

The discovery of another secondhand book stall is always a cause for excitement

A trip to Biddy’s Tea Room was a necessity of course, and because my sister’s a keen baker we also stopped by Norwich’s macaroon shop (which, whilst a bit spenny, is amazing).



Our new discoveries include a row of bric-a-brac and antiques shops in the previously unexplored area of town beyond the cathedral. A lot of the stuff was clutter but there were also some bargains for students looking to kit out a new house… including a globe drinks cabinet (according to my mother it’s very 70’s, but we like it).


Drink responsibly kids

Before visiting this week I was a little worried that perhaps I had done most of the things that were worth doing in Norwich, but I’m pleased to see that I’ve barely scratched the surface.

(The blog has been a little quiet over the summer, but with the arrival of September and the new academic year things will pick up again. I promise)


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