Pimp My Barrow

UEA is a university with few traditions. We are relatively new on the scene compared to some universities and pride ourselves on our lack of stuffiness and formality. However, we do have two great occasions – Derby Day, and Pimp My Barrow, the second of which took place this Saturday.

What on earth does this involve you ask?

Well, as the name suggests, the pimping, or dressing up, of wheelbarrows is the main feature of the day, followed by a pub crawl through Norwich.

Teams congregate in the square from midday, dressed up in costumes such as Disney Villains and the Avengers – one of the prize winning barrows this year was done up to look like the van from ‘Only Fools and Horses’. We are then set off in waves throughout the afternoon, moving from pub to pub, and trying to not obstruct traffic.


The main purpose of the day is to raise money for Big C, a local cancer charity. However, as it falls at the end of the year it also functions as a mass letting off of steam. Hopefully the pictures in this post will convey something of the atmosphere on campus.

The standard of the costumes was very high and the dedication from some teams was astounding. As a university we also raised a lot of money, I believe the figure was somewhere near £10,000 but I can’t find the official statistics so please take that number with a pinch of salt.


(Visit the UEA website for more photographs of the amazing costumes)

To anybody who wasn’t involved this year I would recommend trying to get tickets next year; with a good set of costumes and an even better set of friends, it’s a great laugh.

Although I’m still not sure why wheelbarrows are involved…

Team photo xxx

Team photo xxx

(Apologies for the lateness of this post – we had a few technical difficulties)

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