Bands, Beaches, and the Norwich Waterfront

I should probably preface this by saying that I’m not usually a gig kind of person. Generally, I share my mother’s view that music is best listened to via cd or vinyl, and not in a dark sweaty room with strangers who keep spilling their beer on you.

However, this might just be because I hadn’t been to the right gig yet.

The last few days have been splendid as all essays for the year have been handed in and nothing is really required of me for at least a week. I’ve been able to go to the LCR guilt free and marathon shows on Netflix; I also have a stack of books that I can now finally begin to work through – reading for pleasure, oh the luxury!

I have also had the great fortune that only two days after my deadlines, my favourite band came to play at the Norwich Waterfront. The venue is managed by the UEA Student Union and regularly gets exciting performers passing through (which was one of the selling points for me when I first visited UEA).

Like I said at the start, I’m not someone who regularly goes to gigs, but last night was fantastic. The band in question, Stornoway, were on good form and the venue was suitably filled though thankfully not packed to the rafters. The band are currently touring their new album, Bonxie, which features twenty different bird calls and lyrics such as “great, grey skies on the great, grey ocean”. This might not be a view shared by everyone, but for me (and I accept that I am more than a little biased) Stornoway’s music blends really well with the atmosphere of Norfolk. Although I have yet to visit the local beaches I am constantly aware of their proximity, and of the closeness of other natural beauties such as the Norfolk Broads – which are hard to forget when your kitchen looks out onto UEA’s own lake, a sight I am going to miss very much next year. Hopefully I’ll make it down to the sea soon and I’m sure a blog post shall follow.


I won’t wax lyrical at you about the epic grandeur of Stornoway’s music or the open heartedness of their lyrics, not when you can listen to it and experience it for yourself (x).

But what I will say is that their gig was a great example of the opportunities living in a university city can provide. There’s always something on and it’s usually going to be very exciting.

And I’m definitely going to keep a closer eye on the Waterfront’s calendar from now on; maybe gigs aren’t so unpleasant after all…


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