Looking to procrastinate? You can start by reading this…

If you’re at uni and you’re reading this, then it’s probably quite likely that you’re procrastinating; whether that be putting off an essay, revision, or maybe for the drama students, line learning.

I seem to be doing a lot of dawdling lately so I thought I’d round up my top 10 ways of putting off until tomorrow what could be done today.

  1. Read student blogs (as you’re already reading this one you’re off to a good start); reading about other people studying is inspirational right? Once you return to work you’ll be a lot more pumped as their work ethic will pass to you through some sort of… osmosis, maybe.
  1. Watching documentaries; it doesn’t count as lazing around because it’s educational! The BBC currently have a very interesting series about ancient Greek art which might not be directly related to English Literature, but I’m sure it’s enriching in the much broader sense.
  1. Tidy your room – a clutter free room means a clutter free mind (apparently). In all honesty this isn’t something I actually do, during essays my room goes to rack and ruin, but maybe it’ll work for you.
  1. Attend guest lectures, for example the history department recently had a talk about the sex life of Edward IV… a bit niche I know, but see point two about enrichment (plus, there are sometimes free drinks).
  1. Stare wistfully outside at the glorious weather.
  1. (This point requires you to live in a groundfloor flat, generally speaking, but you might be able to adapt it to your circumstances) Have friends who have fewer deadlines and/or are more organised and have finished and/or have faith that they can do an essay in a night; let them know where you live, then when the weather is gorgeous and they’re enjoying the sunshine, they can come and knock on your window and lure you away from your work.
  1. Watch the rabbits that live just outside your window. Contemplate how much easier life would be as a rabbit, they don’t have to do essays…

This is baby bunny Stella; the picture doesn’t to a very good job of conveying just how small and cute she is.

  1. Make a cup of tea, because you’re supposed to get away from the computer screen every twenty-five minutes or so (note: make sure you have milk, an essay crisis can result in no grocery shopping being done)
  1. Write a blog post about procrastinating; you’ll waste at least an hour.
  1. Do literally anything other than face the crushing weight of essay deadlines. (I jest, sort of)

University is great but sometimes it can get a bit much, and like everything difficult in life, sometimes you need to take a break and treat yourself to something sweet, and sometimes you just have to knuckle down and accept that it’s not going to get done by itself.

Best of luck.

The escape plan if essay deadlines aren't met

The escape plan if essay deadlines aren’t met


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