Decisions, Decisions….

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it!

Although it’s only April we’re already contemplating the end of the academic year. My regularly scheduled lectures are over until September and by the 17th I have to have selected my module choices for next year – it’s not an exaggeration when I say I feel like I only started uni a few weeks ago.

Many of my friends from back home are second year students and it’s sobering to realise that they’re about to start their final year at uni – makes you realise how short your time as an undergraduate actually is.

But to focus on the present; choosing modules is both fun and a right pain in the neck. To begin with you shortlist all the modules from the catalogue which sound exciting, then you have to check that you fulfil all of the prerequisites (e.g. so many credits must be taken from pre-1789 modules), then you have to see which ones clash, and make sure that you are taking an equal number of credits in each semester, you also need to have reserves for each of your choices etc. etc. …Stressful, but it’ll be worth it once it’s sorted.

Module selection also calls for a good long think about what it is that you are hoping to get from an English degree. Fulfilling the pre-1789 requisite wasn’t a problem for me as all but one of my first choice modules are pre-18th century literature, the connection between history and literature being what I most want to explore. However, I have friends who want to pursue critical theory and poetry, and they can craft their degree to such an extent that it will be almost unrecognisable to mine. Which I personally think is pretty cool, and one of the beauties of the UEA English Lit degree. But for now, fingers crossed that I get my first choices and don’t end up taking critical theory…

My work space has rather taken over the dining room...

My work space has rather taken over the dining room…

Easter break has a week left but mine seems to have been overtaken by my essays, which are taking longer than they usually do when I’m at uni. Something about being at home isn’t conducive to study, at least not for me.

Third semester is a distant dream at the moment. A time of freedom from essays and morning lectures. I keep agreeing to do things in third term, such as a day trip to the beach or visiting friends at other uni’s, but we’ll see how many of them actually come to fruition.

For now it’s noses to the grindstone to get everything handed in on time, then it’s full steam on to summer!


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