Goats, Votes, and Dogs with Soft Coats

One of the things I love about UEA is their commitment to the welfare of their students, it’s probably the reason we usually do so well in satisfaction surveys, and this last week was UEA’s ‘Wellbeing Week’.

It saw a whole host of events, from the opening of the ‘Nap Nook’, to the visit of a fleet of dogs. We even had goats in the square – but more on that later.

UEA is now the first university in the country to have a Nap Room; students can book forty minute slots in this little retreat from the harsh realities of academia to relax and refresh themselves. Apparently there are even eye masks.

As I am currently living on campus I have no need for this facility at the moment, but come next year it may be a whole different story.

In even more exciting news, in my personal opinion that is, P.A.T. (Pets As Therapy) organised for some pet owners to bring their dogs into the LCR on Wednesday afternoon and during pre-booked slots students were able to pet a dog for ten minutes.

Look how cute she is

  Look how cute she is

The event was very relaxed and was a great opportunity for students to unwind. The owners sat with their dogs and chatted to the students, providing an informal and calm atmosphere in which students could talk about any problems they were facing at the moment, without the pressure of feeling as though they were talking to a counsellor. The event was by all accounts a great success and I hope that P.A.T. comes back again.

The other great excitement of the week was, ‘Goats for Votes’. To encourage students to register to vote (which you really should do by the way x ) a small herd of goats were brought into the Square, and once a student had registered they were allowed to pet them.

10551088_981636708530267_60805935853729111_nIt’s definitely the most unusual strategy I’ve come across to encourage students to vote, but it was a fun one and as UEA is in one of the constituencies that have been predicted to be important in May’s General Election (x), perhaps goats really will effect the government.

In older news, we have had a few sprinkles of snow, although not the Narnia style covering I was promised, and I thought I would share with you a few snaps of UEA in the snow:


The Flatmates…

10442964_977985485562056_259078569995671636_n 10410812_977985328895405_1482918412545847520_n


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