Arbitrary Advice


We have officially broken up for Christmas and it is wonderful; I took a nap in the middle of the afternoon yesterday just because I could.

Term neatly wrapped itself up for me with an email from the Extenuating Circumstances Board saying they weren’t going to penalise me for my little submission hiccup, and I received my letter confirming my transfer. All good stuff.

My friends and I celebrated the end of term with a night at The Birdcage, where for a fiver you can buy a ticket which gets you a portion of fish and chips from the renowned Grosvenor’s Fish Bar across the street, and a glass of Prosecco. We went dressed up in our glad rags and it all felt suitably studenty (e.g. cheap and cheerful, but a good night seemed to be had by all).


But now that I feel I am a veteran of uni life (the significant other, who is a second year, shakes their head sagely) I’ve been trying to think of tips I’d give someone just starting out, not the usual stuff that you find all over the internet (such as: Don’t blow your budget on fresher’s week – although it is a good point) but stuff I’ve learned first-hand.

So here we go, this is my totally arbitrary number of tips for surviving your first term at uni:

  1. Bring a kettle when you move in, the stress of moving into halls can only be assuaged with a strong cup of tea and the chances are your kitchen won’t have one when you arrive.
  2. Speaking of tea; when you are in the midst of an essay and you need another shot of caffeine, you don’t want to be breaking your concentration by going to the kitchen – I would therefore recommend you purchase, or sweet talk a relative into buying, a teapot and cup set (beautifully modelled below). Mine has served me well.
  3. At U20141214_155743EA we are each given a toilet roll a week by our cleaner, however I cannot stress enough the importance of buying additional supplies. You don’t want to live in a flat that has run out. Enough said.
  4. Lock your door at night, or a drunk person from the next block might stumble in at 3 in the morning thinking it’s their room. So glad I was awake for that, waking up to a strange man in my room would not have been pleasant.
  5. Use the library, it is so much cheaper than buying all the books on your reading list. One module next term alone would set me back £50 if I tried to buy them all.
  6. Bring enough clothes so that you can put off doing a wash as long as possible. The trek to and from the laundry room is miserable.
  7. Bring a clothes hanger for said clothes or you will have to hang under wear off the draws of your desk.
  8. Most importantly; START YOUR ESSAYS EARLY. I have a policy of giving myself at least a week to do an essay, although usually I try and get started a fortnight before the deadline. I have seen the faces of those poor souls who have had to lock themselves in the library until the early hours of the morning to meet a deadline. You do not want to be one of them.

That’s all for now folks and if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and pack.


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