Snatching Defeat from the jaws of Victory

As a child I had such a habit of messing things up that I didn’t realise the real phrase was, ‘Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat’ until I was well into secondary school; frankly it’s a miracle I made it as far as university.

But I digress.

This week I discovered I had made what may be politely termed; a monumental cock-up. To cut a long story short, my smugness in handing both my midterm essays in a couple of days early was completely unfounded as, after tweaking one of my essays and resubmitting, I accidentally loaded it into the wrong box on e-vision – In other words, I handed the same essay in twice and now I have to fill out an Extenuating Circumstances form to ask the lovely Examining Board to not dock my marks for the other essay.


The good news is that my grades this year don’t count towards my final degree, but it’s still bloody annoying. It also worries me that the deadline for these essays was over three weeks ago and the problem was only flagged up at the end of this week.

Still not sure how I made such a mistake, but what’s done is done, and my Reading Texts (the module the missing essay was meant to be in for) tutor has been nothing but supportive. We can but hope the board shall show me mercy.

In other slightly better news, I have a meeting with the head of English Literature next week to discuss my transfer to the single honours degree, fingers crossed for that as well.

We’re on the downhill slide to Christmas now and energy levels are beginning to lag. I love uni but a break sounds divine. Just two more essays to go.

Fairylights have been put up around campus and are so lovely at night that for once UEA actually looks pretty (we’re a great uni, but if you come here you have to accept the brutalist architecture). A Christmas tree has been put up in the square and nearly all the residences have some sort of garish tinsel arrangement in the window. (Personally I try to keep all decorations down until the 1st December, but maybe I’ve just become a Scrooge in my old age.)


I’ll be putting my thinking cap on to try and come up with a suitable end of term summary post soon, but in the meantime what I can say is this, I hope that if nothing else my blog has shown that you will get things wrong and you will get things right when you start uni, but you don’t have to panic, because the chances of you failing completely are almost zero. Almost nothing is beyond repair. I promise.


One thought on “Snatching Defeat from the jaws of Victory

  1. This is such a funny coincidence – I’m also at UEA and also doing English Lit! (Well, with Creative Writing.) I’m in third year though so I’ve already done Reading Texts and all that melarky.

    So sorry to hear that evision was being so annoying to you, I hope that gets sorted out. And I love the fairy lights around campus too – we didn’t have those up last year, but they’re so pretty!

    Anyway, it’s fab to meet another UEAer! We should totally complain about stuff together.


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