Starter for ten

This post comes to you from my sickbed, as I made the near fatal mistake of attempting to drink like a fresher when in fact I’m the kind of person who usually only has one drink a week. Needless to say that I won’t attempt such a level of partying again (famous last words).

But, I plead for understanding by reminding you that it was Halloween and I was celebrating having finished two essays in two days…excuses excuses.

Anyway, in other news, it was the University Challenge trials this week and whilst I haven’t heard back I was sufficiently pleased with my performance that I don’t believe I shamed myself. Yes, dear readers, my not so secret addiction is in fact University Challenge, it’s not particularly flash but it’s one of the few occasions where students like me who have filled their heads with useless info can for a second find some use for it. Perhaps I have chosen the wrong university as UEA is not known for their prowess on the show, although a few years ago they did reach the finals of the Alumni special, so maybe there’s hope.

But as I previously mentioned, I have completed my two essays which mark the half-way point of my first term (I did a quick bit of maths and worked out that I am in fact an eighteenth of the way through my degree, not that I’m in any hurry to be finished) and already I feel much more accomplished as a literature student – although I’m nowhere near finished. Having to critique a poem, especially a sonnet, on the spot may have alarmed me initially, but now I can dissect it with relative ease. And that’s one of the great things about uni, learning you can do things you weren’t sure were possible. In fact that was the message of one of my first drama classes, there will be things in the next three years that you won’t think you are able to do, but if you grit your teeth and keep working at it, you’ll get there. Well the good news is that this does seem to be the case (let’s see how I feel by Christmas).

This evening I begin the “Get in” for the short play I am production manager of and the festival’s performances start on Thursday, so if you are a UEA student then I would obviously encourage you to get yourself a ticket for what should be three wonderful nights of new theatre.

Take better care of yourselves than I did.




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