‘I balanced all, brought all to mind’

Dear Reader,

You may be pleased to hear that I’ve actually got some work done! One essay is just about done (59 words short of the word count -_- ) and, although I have yet to actually begin, I’m feeling slightly more positive about the second one that’s due in three days later – You’ve got to love bottleneck essays.

The one problem with actually knuckling down to some proper study is your social life tends to suffer. I realised one night that I’d gone several days without seeing my friends because I’d become caught up between moving from one seminar to another, to a rehearsal for the Minotaur Theatre Company’s Shorts Season, and on top of that I was still behind on my reading, and desperately needed to do the laundry.

To make things even more hectic, my significant other was visiting this week, and trying to act as host/tourguide/student was a bit of a juggling act. So I suppose that’s what this post is really about – juggling.

Well not the literal circus act – but I what I have learned about uni so far is that it’s a crash course in priority management, and I think that extends for the whole three years by the looks of it. Knowing what is too much to take on, knowing when to rain check a social gathering, but also knowing when to shut the laptop and actually go outside for a while. So that’s my resolution for the coming week, get work done whilst making time for friends and social gatherings, starting tonight with the Pub Quiz (Go team ‘Universally Challenged’!)

In other news I’ve tried to get involved with the academic life of the university as well as the social – earlier this week I went to a research seminar given by a visiting Oxford lecturer on ‘Translating medieval Quarrels: La Belle Dame Sans Mercy’, now I can’t pretend to have understood all of it, but it was a great to see some of the English Faculty in their roles as researchers as opposed to teachers and educators which is what I usually see. The visiting scholar, Dr. Liv Robinson, was much younger than I had anticipated, and with her pixie haircut and facial piercings, a lot more “trendy” than I had perhaps been expecting. This typifies my experience of academics so far, true some of them have elbow patches and look like they rarely leave the library, but a great deal of them are young and approachable, without the intellectual snobbery that I hadn’t realised I had subconsciously been expecting. Which makes me feel a lot better about wanting to maybe be one of them in the future…

Although clearly I’m not ready for the seriousness of academic life just yet as I did have a good giggle after realising that the abbreviation of La Belle Dame Sans Mercy, which is commonly used in academic papers, is BDSM.

Like I said, not quite an adult yet.

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